Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I solemnly swear that I AM diabetic.

I just have to share my joy. These are my numbers from the past 2 days.
I even checked myself on the new meter Accu-check just sent me. It agreed.
What do I think about this?


Jay said...

I think you rock. What's your secret?

Scott K. Johnson said...

I wouldn't believe it based on your BG's!!! :-)

Share the secret!

Jen said...

My Secret?
There isn't one.
I think it's just dumb luck. I was a little afraid of posting about it in case it broke the streak, but so far, it hasn't.
I've been working like 60 hours a week, eating quite literally on the run, and doing lots of WAG bolusing.

Penny said...

I think it's wonderfull. I hope it keeps up for you.

Andrea said...

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you... No, just kidding, I'm just a bit jealous of your awesome blood sugar readings. The last two days have been HELL for me (re:my control) and of course I'm stressing. I don't know what you are doing, but obviously something is working for you. If you find out what that is- please share (I'd be eternally grateful).

Hope it continues for you :)

George said...

YOU ROCK! Keep up the AWESOMENESS!!!!!

You must have a secret! Please let us know!!!!

bethany said...

which meter did you get?

julia said...

Wow, those are fantastic numbers! Good for you, even if I am insanely jealous.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

they're good numbers.

sometimes i find if i eat pretty much anything and do random exercise and give randoms bits of insulin i get like perfect control.

it's nice when that happens.

hope you keep it up. i've had weeks like that then get a cough of something and they go bad for weeks.

so annoying.

Jen said...

They sent me the Aviva, I think. I got a thing in the mail, and it came with 60 free strips, the meter, and the new multiclix (the one that has 6 lanclets in one thing) so I couldn't resist.

I really do not have a secret. If I discover it, I swear I'll share. :-)
So far, the trend has continued. I've been a little high (190) and a little low (78) but other than that, I've been perfect!

Kerri. said...

Terrific run there! Whatever your secret it, keep at it! It's working!

Sandra Miller said...


Well done, Jen!