Tuesday, June 06, 2006


One mail-order pharmacy.
At the least, it has to ship insulin and test strips. It would be nice if it shipped oral medication too.
If anyone has a good experience (or a bad one) that they could share, I would really appreciate it!


Kerri. said...

I currently use Logimedix and they suck enormously. They haven't gotten order right even once and there was that time they left eleven bottles of insulin on my back porch in the August heat (instead of delivering it to my office.)

If you find someone, let me know. There are a few souls I'd sell to score a good mail order pharmacy.


Felix Kasza said...

Medco works for me. Insulin is shipped next day air, with a nice fat gel pack. (And a diabetic in the leasing office, where UPS drops off stuff when I am out, knows what to look for and stuffs the package into their fridge ....)


motheroftype1diabeticchild said...

my son hs only been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes since december of 2005 but i have found that national diabetic pharmacy has been really good about getting his supplies to us fast and getting the order right. they even call every month and ask what he needs so they can send it out. it usually only takes a couple days after they call to recieve the supplies