Wednesday, August 09, 2006

There is a special guessing game I play a couple of times a year.
It centers around one question.
Am I high because I'm sick, or am I sick because I'm high?
I am going through that debate right now. I have been in the 200's for the past couple of days, and now in the 300's. I've changed my site, and I will change it again tonight. I have a sore throat, confusion and fatigue. All could mean my sugar is high. All could also mean I am getting sick. So how do I find out? Anyone have any good ideas, or is time the only remedy?

~Camp synopsis coming soon.
~T minus 18 days until I move back to school


Felix Kasza said...

My guess: High because you are sick. Otherwise (and assuming you are not hurrying towards DKA, and that the set works etc.) the high should have responded to correction boluses.

Get well soon!


cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

I've ran high for the last two weeks. I thought it was cuz I was sick. Though nothing ever came out in me. Like you I was tired and had a sore throat. Like magic my numbers are normal again.

Nic said...

I play this game all of the time. And I never win. Good luck!

chrissie in Belgium said...

I would guess you are fighting a sickness. With me bg values rise before I really get sick and then sometimes my body manages to fight off the sickness and I never get really sick. This means it is very hard to know what is what. However if the site if fine and a correction bolus repeatedly scarcely works you probably have an infection. Look at it this way - just try and fiw the problem. But to be honest - I am just like you always trying to understand WHY I have a high/low test.