Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Out of Control

I have had so many things to blog about lately, and absolutely no time to write about them. This week is my catch up week. The competition/choir I was a part of is now done (my class won, in case you were wondering- Go 09!). That gives me an extra couple of hours a night. I got into the nursing program, which is a HUGE relief, but it brings a whole new set of things to do. Next semester is going to be INSANE. I am taking 7 classes. It will be worth it though.
My control has been so horrible. I did not realize how horrible until I downloaded my pump in preparation for my endo appointment Monday. My daily averages have been in the 200's. As high as 260. YIKES! That is horrible. I don't know if it is just because I've been so busy, because I've had(actually still have) a cold or a combo of both. So starting today, i cracked down. Every single carb that enters my mouth is getting bolused for. I am making myself stop and think before I eat, and after I check myself so I can figure out what's going on. I have been merely reacting. I was still testing and bolusing, but just the bare minimum. I have not been proactive about how to prevent huge spikes and valleys. I will not be able to get it reigned back in by the time I go to the doctor on Monday, but at least I will have a plan. Its a good thing I printed the information off. It was a real wake-up call. Once I think back on it, I know I could make myself feel a lot better by lowering my blood sugars. Already today I've seen a little bit of difference in how I feel. Here's hoping I can continue!


Matt Jasper said...

Good to read of your experiences here. I found your blog as I was searching for diabetic rants (I just posted mine). I use a medi-jector (air/ vaccine gon type thing) yet am also interested by the pump. I generally get 5.5 a1c results yet get into the mid 200s when I have stress or a cold or--especially--allergies. I've had as much as four units have no appreciable effect under these circumstances. It's hard to know when to dose a bit more--how to balance the fear of hyper and hypo glycemia under such circumstances. Good luck.

Minnesota Nice said...

I have been very much out of control ever since taking a "couple of days off" after getting a good A1C in September. It's sort of scary because I can't seem to pull in the reins---------ugh, and now with holiday stress and more treats on the horizon, I've gotta come up with a plan. Plus, someone just brought in yet another big sack of leftover Halloween candy........Good luck.

Scott K. Johnson said...

You can do it Jen!!

I think that you can already feel the empowerment of positive momentum! Keep that snowball moving in the right direction, and it will soon almost push itself!

My snowball is moving in the wrong direction, but I'm slowing it down and readying for the big push in the right direction.

MileMasterSarah said...

I think everyone has those periods of good control, followed by periods of bad. It is the diabetes natural rythmn