Thursday, March 15, 2007

My, my. How time flies. I've been busy, busy, busy with classes. Today started my Spring Break, and I am so ready for it. I plan on sleeping and catching up on work. Doesn't that sound like a blast?
I also just got done with a month long ban on using stomach sites. I decided it needed a break, and I really needed to explore my other options, so I gave myself a month to do it. It turned out to be a really good experience. I used my thighs almost the entire time. I am now a big fan of them. I used to get a burning sensation when I delivered insulin in my thighs, but now it is only with an especially large bolus. I think I'm going to try and work them into a regular rotation. Even though the month was up, I wasn't in a hurry to go back to my stomach. I usually alternate between one site of my stomach to the other, but maybe now I'll do right leg, right stomach, left stomach, left leg. It would probably be good for the sites.
I had a weird night last night. I sometimes get cramps in my legs (aka Charlie horses). I seem to get them really, really bad. I have to get out of bed and keep my leg moving( even through the excruciating pain) or my calf gets so tight I can't walk the next morning. Sometimes they only last a minute, others have lasted close to half an hour. I hate them with a passion. I hate having them at school even more, because I usually make quite a bit of noise when I get them, and I don't want to wake up my roommate. I tried and tried to find a cause, but never could pin point one. I had an idea that they were usually on days when I walked a lot more than usual, and had a very high blood sugar that day. Well, last night did not fit that scenario. I had my first leg cramp of the semester. Lucky for me, I was also low. I was in pain, and had to get out of bed to work out the cramp, but I was also uncoordinated from sleep and the low. It was not a pretty sight, and I was not happy. I do not like getting up at 3:00am (who does?) and waking up in pain and low was a bad combination. Now, I'm wondering if I should change my idea of what is causing leg cramps. Although it is a fairly isolated incident, I have had lows and leg cramps at the same time before. Now, I'm wondering if this should be a new symptom. I do not want to add "leg cramps" to the list of symptoms of my lows that I have to recite every time I go to my endo. Does anyone else get these cramps in their calves? Do they correspond with highs or lows? This is probably just an isolated incident that has me over analyzing, but it sure was a strange experience!


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Hi Jen, I also get "calf cramps" on and off. For me, they are not related to either high or low bg values! I have discovered something that help. I only get then at night when I am sleeping. The first thing you alsmost automatically do is tighten your muscles, tighten your muscles b/c it hurts like hell. But TRY and think first and stretch out your heel, NOT your toe. I tend to not think and just react and then my leg gets stuck in a terrible cramped position. My husband gets these cramps too and when he tried what I suggested it helped him too! Keep your heel stretched out until you think the cramp has disappeared. Good luck. I am curious to know if this has helped you - please send me a comment at my blog!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Jen,

Awesome news about finding some new sites to add to your rotation! I think you are right, it will help a great deal with keeping those areas healthy.

I don't get those leg cramps much, but I have had them and can imagine your pain!

Andrea said...

Jen, Great to see you posting again~ :)

I do get those awful charley horses every once in a while- they hurt like the dickens!

I think it could have to do with a few different things. One of which is electrolyte levels- more specifically potassium. If your potasium and sodimu levels are off-I think it can case muscle cramping... I'm sure blood sugar control has a role in that too.

Probably the more level you keep your control, the less likely you'll throw your body's balance off. You can try eating bananas or other high potassium foods- it migh help.

Hope you enjoy your break~ :)

Anonymous said...

i agree--try more potassium (bananas)

Minnesota Nice said...

Ditto above me. Mine are definitely related to low potassium. Might want to ask your endo to check your blood levels.

cass said...

yeah i used to get them a lot, haven't had one in a while though.

i agree, it seemed to be due to a vitamin deficiency. although other hormone imbalances are also often (apparently) linked to muscle cramps. according to wikipedia, dehydration could also cause it.

Virginia said...

Hi Jen -
I also get the leg cramps at night. Mostly they start at my feet and come on up. My physical therapist suggested I drink emer-gen-c. It is vitamins and minerals. You can slug it down with a small amount of water in the night when cramping. It helps quickly! This goes with the low vitamin theory - make my kids drink it too. Low in carbs so no bolus to drink it. Good luck!