Sunday, August 05, 2007

There are just some things you have to blog about....

Yesterday was just one of those days. It all started around 2:00am. I woke up feeling low, quite low. I threw a tab in my mouth while I checked myself. I was 39. #*$A%*(!!! Inhaled 2 more tabs and a fruit snack. And a package of crackers. Checked again(all of 5 minutes later) 43. I walked to the kitchen and inhaled more food, now in full on panic mode. Any number below 50 and I panic. I corrected before bed at 11:30, so I still had a little insulin working. After 20 minutes I checked again, ringing in at 136. Satisfied, I returned to bed, trying to decide how much to bolus for my obvious overeating. I decided to wait another 15 minutes and see what would happen with more time. 123. Crap. Another 15 minutes. 110. I foolishly decided to go to sleep with that blood sugar, and not bolus for any food. I woke up at 8:00am with a very full bladder. Never a good sign. I tested in at a horrific 450. 39 to 450 in six hours. That has to be some sort of a record. I felt like I spent the rest of the day recovering, and fighting more lows. It ended up being one of those days when diabetes took control, and not the other way around, and I hate that.


Amylia said...

Do you think the Guiness Book of World Records would accept you? :)

I know how you feel. I've done that before. More than once or twice, actually. Those disorienting lows when you're sleepy and scared make it hard to make rational choices. It feels like a whole day is wasted in frustration on the roller coaster of blood sugar. Glad you caught the low and are okay, even if it jolted you up to a sick 450.

Anonymous said...

Overeating while low? I do not know what you are talking about. Last time I went low -- just this evening, in fact, coming home from my bike ride -- I calculated the required food intake down to the last half-gram.

And wouldn't you know, it came out _exactly_ to either one fridgeful or one stomachful, whichever is reached first!

Glad to see you back, by the way --

Jonah said...

I'm sorry you had a crappy day and hope your days are getting better by now. 450 sounds like a very high rebound- I often overtreat to the mid 200s, but my blood sugar rarely goes above that.