Thursday, March 02, 2006

I have a request. Will those of you who pray please pray for my Dad and my roommate?
My Dad has been having back problems. He has a lot of pain, and even sitting is painful. He goes for an MRI today,and goes to the neuro surgeon Wednesday to see what they can do. Pray they can help him, with out major surgery. If he has to have this surgery, he wouldn't be able to work for 3 months. We farm, so him not working for 3 months means crops don't get planted, which means we will have no income this year. We are all hoping and praying for this to be much less than it appears to be.
My roommate had to leave college yesterday and go back home for testing. She has Crohn's disease. She thinks she has an infection. This infection has put her in the hospital twice before. We are all hoping that she can just be put on oral antibiotics and sent home.
In other news, my numbers have been much more manageable lately. I have seeing a lot less peaks, and that makes me VERY happy.


Megan said...

Glad to hear things are going well with your blood sugars. Prayers coming up for your roommate and dad. I hope all goes well for them

julia said...

Your dad and roommate will be in my thoughts. Crohn's disease is a horrid disease. Is there any way to get some volunteer help with the crops if your dad does wind up having surgery? Fingers crossed that he doesn't.

Penny said...

Sending prayers up for you all right now.