Monday, February 27, 2006

My range today: 50 to 318. Wow. I'm awesome.
I just had an "ah ha!" moment. I realized the source of my highs. I'm premenstral. The source of my lows is probably over correcting, or, as some call it, rage bolusing. At least I know what the problem is! Now, I can attempt to fix it. Yahoo!


Sandra Miller said...


Sorry I'm coming in late to this thread... just read your last few posts.

As others have said, never apologize for sharing negative feelings here. We all have them, and sometimes we just need to share them with people who understand why.

On taking a pump break-- if you decide you want to try, it's really pretty simple. Make sure you have a script for long-acting insulin (i.e., Lantus). Confirm with your endo the amount of Lantus you would take for your basal insulin (usually about the same number of units you take for basal on your pump). Then disconnect, and inject.

We did this with Joseph last summer. Though it was very short-lived. After a day, he wanted his pump back!

The tricky part comes when you want to go back on the pump-- then you have to make sure there's no Lantus still working (so no overlap with pump basal).

Now, all of the above is based on our experience, so of course you'd want to check in with your endo before implementing a pump break.

But judging by this post, it sounds like you've isolated the problem (PMS is the pits!) and are on your way to fixing it.

Good luck, Jen. And take care...


Tiffany said...

AH HAH! I've got it, watson!

Hysterectomy... ;)