Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In what kind of f-ing world does my blood sugar RISE 200 points after exercise????
There was no rebound.
*More later, just a quick rant before I go to bed.*


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Hi Jen,

Exercise does this to me often, but unfortunately not always - so you never can plan which way the values will go. You cannot plan! That is what makes this f-ing disease so horrible

janej2210 said...

My world, unfortunately.

Felix Kasza said...

Hi Jen,

that's normal. You (and I) still have some shreds of a glucagon system left (glucagon is produced by alpha cells in the pancreas, if memory serves), and the increased glucose demand with exercise kicks it into gear -- slowly, for insulin-addicts like us, but it does. (Why slowly? Because insulin is the counter-regulatory hormone to glucagon, and we cannot turn ours off within 5 seconds, like a non-diabetic would.)

In short, your body does what it should; it's the balance between insulin and glucagon that is impossible for us to control.

If you exercise with a *severely* restricted temp basal -- 10% is the lowest that is safe for me, YMMV -- you may also see something else: With not enough insulin to activate the GLUT4 pathway for glucose uptake, the glucose piles up in the bloodstream, and the muscles that working on fat decomposition for energy. That produces ketones.

You know where this is going, right? So please be careful, test early and test often, and stop exercising if your BS rises outside your normal range. DKA still has a frightening mortality quota.