Saturday, September 16, 2006

October 1st.

Does that date mean anything to you?

Probably not.

But it means a heck of a lot to me.

October 1st is the date my application for the nursing department is due. Just sitting here typing about it is clenching my stomach into knots. I know that I will spend the next few months worrying. November 6th is when registration for classes begin, so I will know by then.

I am so dang nervous, I can't even think about working on my homework right now. Homework that is so important. It is important, so that I can learn the material and do well in my classes. If I do well in my classes, I might get into the nursing program. But I am so worried about getting into the nursing program, that I can't do my homework. I'm in a little bit of a pickle.

UGH! Do you know how much this stinks? I KNOW what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am very blessed for that reason. What stinks is that I CAN'T DO IT! I have been amazed at the number of people the last 5-6 months, that have told me, not knowing my dreams, that I should be a nurse. The only people that don't seem to think I'm good enough are the only people that really matter: the nursing board.

I could really use some thoughts and prayers. Starting October 1st (and probably before) I'm going to be a nervous wreck. If I don't get into the program this time, I have some major, major life decisions to make, and they are not going to be easy or pleasant.


Scott K. Johnson said...

We'll be rooting for you!

Lyrehca said...

If you're qualified and passionate, why would your application be denied? Why was it denied in the past?

Jen said...

Last semester, there were 50+ applicants for 20 spots. This semester there is only 9 spots, I don't know how many applicants.
Last semester I didn't get in for two reasons: They lost one of my references and my GPA wasn't as high as others who applied.

Lyrehca said...

Does the work you do this year (or last semester) count toward a rising GPA? And defintely call before the deadline to make sure your application is complete (it's not your fault they lost a reference, but if they do it again, at least you'll be able to send another before the deadline.

And aren't there other nursing programs? I thought there was a nursing shortage in this country--couldn't you apply elsewhere?

Jen said...

Yes, there is a nursing shortage. There is also a nursing PROFESSOR shortage, and clincal opportunity shortage, and lots and lots of red tape that prevent programs from accepting as many students that are qualified.
I am working on raising my GPA.
I plan on stopping in the nursing office a few days before the deadline and having them look through my file. No "mistakes" this time around.
Yes, there are other nursing programs, but my college is one of the few in the area that does not have a standing waiting list. Most do not accept transfer credits towards the nursing program, so you start out as a freshman again. Plus, I love where I am right now. I'll only leave as a last resort.

LaLa said...

Best of luck to you!!! My mom is a school nurse (a certified RN), so I know she can attest to what you're going through! She, too, wanted to be a nurse all her life.

It may not be of much comfort, but I've always liked the phrase, "When one door closes, another one opens..." Hopefully this time around the door will be open and you'll be ushered in to the nursing program!!! :)

All the best, Jen. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Keep calm keep cool. Time passes more quicky the older and busier we get.Remember sometimes it is better to be a bit high BS but level, than low and eratic. Good Luck with all. Lisa.