Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ranting and Raving

I saw a classic example this week of how badly extreme stress sends my blood sugar through the roof. Classic example: Wednesday, just before a major stress event, my blood sugar was a wonderful 123. Two hours later, with no food, a horrible 319.
What was the stress event? Well, that is a GREAT story. Be forewarned: I'm still angry.
Tuesday night, my parents stopped by my dorm room. They dropped off my mail, which included my statement from my wonderful (Did you catch the sarcasm?) college. I figured it was just that, a statement, saying I had a zero balance, since I had dropped my tuition check off two weeks prior.
Oh no. Of course not.
It's a statement with a late fee added on saying that I haven't paid. I knew full well I had paid. I made a special trip out to school to buy my books (all $1,000.95 worth) and to hand deliver my tuition check. Wednesday morning, I stop by to straighten out what I assumed was a simple mistake. I was armed with a copy of my check. I asked the woman at the front desk, who helpfully told me simply "we show you haven't paid." Well, thanks a lot. I couldn't figure that out by the Late notice statement I got! Finally after staring at each other for a minute, both thinking each other was crazy, she suggested I go see Kevin. Well, who the heck is Kevin? She pointed me to his office. I walked in, now starting to get a little angry. He did a search of their records, which showed no check of my amount ever processed there. So, basically, they LOST my check. He advised me to stop payment on the check. I was SO incredibly, fiercely angry. Now, I am a crier. I cry when I'm sad, when I'm frustrated and when I'm angry, and boy was I angry. So, of course, I started crying. I didn't expect to gain anything from it, but I did. They paid for the fees associated with the cancelled check fee, and promptly cancelled the late fee. I think I deserved that much since they LOST a check. MY check. I didn't even trust the Postal Service to deliver my check, so I hand delivered it. Now, I guess I've learned even that is not enough. I have to be annoying as sin and make them process it right then and there. Lesson Learned.
Rant Over.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Boy I am still fuming at Dell, so I will fume at your college too. Why can't people do thing right? You should be ranting and raving!!! I think that b/c D makes us organized, makes us keep eveything so well planned in our own treatment, that it makes it harder when others are so dam sloppy. Why do we have to be so "perfect" when everybody around is making errors right and left?!! I will yell with you. There ought to be a time when all us Ds could let out a primal scream..... Fun idea at least. All around the world we could scream at the same instant Hmmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

Stress absolutely wrecks my blood sugar as well. :(

It may sound stupid but I found Tai Chi helped me manage my stress. I don't know if I believe in the whole holistic medicine or natural healing thing but I can tell you Tai Chi makes an excellent low impact workout. You might give it a shot. If you live in the dorm you might feel a little weird doing it in front of others though, it depends on your personality. I can suggest some dvds if your interested.

Mike Barela
the Dawn Phenomena

MileMasterSarah said...

That would freak me right out…..I just yelled at my insurance company, and felt pretty stupid afterwards. I was trying to figure out why my Minimed bill was 200 dollars MORE than normal. Well, long story short, after I insist over and over that they screwed up, come to find out the 200 dollars is my DEDUCTIBLE. Hell, it only happens once a year……

Scott K. Johnson said...

The thing that stinks about it is that you not only have to deal with the stressing event, but you ALSO have to deal with the high blood sugars.


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