Sunday, April 02, 2006

A bunch of random things.

First of all, to all of you parents of kids that have diabetes amaze me. I read some of your blogs today, I think almost every single one brought tears to my eyes. You all are doing a great thing with your kid. They may be diabetic, but you are letting them be awesome, normal kids. (I'm one of the weird ones that prefers being called "diabetic" to saying that I have diabetes. Who knows why)

I did a site change in the middle of the day today, and it wasn't a site change day. I didn't have ketones, but I had been going progressively higher all day. I didn't eat breakfast, and I went from 174 at breakfast to 324 at lunch. That should have been my first clue, but I just corrected it and ate lunch. I didn't come down, but I didn't go sky high either. Finally at about 4 this afternoon I was 377 and I decided the site should go. So I took a shot (with a pen :-) )and pulled out the old site. WOW! I'm glad I didn't let it go 3 days. It is NASTY looking. I took a picture, but for your mental health, I'm keeping it to myself. I'm not sure yet if it is infected or just bruised. I'm keeping antibiotic cream (but no band-aids, stupid allergies) on it, and I'll check again in the morning. I've never had an infection before, so this should be interesting.
*EDIT* I do have an infection. I'm on Amoxicillin and Clavulanate V for 10 days. Not Keflex for me. I don't like looking all puffy and red. :-) Anyone have any good suggestions to make sure it goes away, stays away, and how to prevent another one?
In other news, I think we FINALLY got all my insurances stuff figured out. I have insurance through my parents, which covers 80% and the rest is supposed to be covered by a "crippled children's" health care plan. (I won't even get into the fact that they call it that.) Well we just found out that our pharmacy has been billing just this "crippled children's health care" and not my parents insurance. My parents insurance is stupid, and it requires that we pay for prescriptions up front, and then we mail them the bill, and they send us a check for 80% later. The pharmacy said they had something worked out, but apparently they are lying. So my asked around and she thinks she finally has something worked out. This is a relief. I was worried that when my secondary runs out when I turn 21, my parents insurance would pitch a fit at having to pay for all the stuff they haven't had to pay for in so long. But, hopefully it is all cleared up. Hurray!
Speaking of insurance....if you haven't sent a letter to your senator about s.1955, go do it NOW. My medical costs are 760 dollars a month, not including visits to the endo, blood tests, etc. That's a LOT of money. Let's face it, none of us could afford to pay for the best medical care if it came straight from our pocket. I am really bad at the whole HTML code thing, but if you go to

I think they both have the link.
Until Next time....
Jen (who has a BAD case of spring fever)
*EDIT* Blast. I can't even figure out how to do links on blogger! GRRR. I've wanted to put pictures up for a while now, but I just can't get them to show up in my profile or title. Anyway, those links should be : and


julia said...

Jen - do you put neosporin on every old site? Olivia does that, but she doens't seem prone to infection (knock wood etc.). You could try washing the spot with anti-bacterial soap before doing a site (and after) and maybe covering it with something? We don't use anything in addition to the site, so I don't know brand names, but you can ask your endo.

Or you can just tell people you're a delicate, fragile flower...that's what I do. Sadly, they take one look at me and go off in gales of laughter, but some day, someone will believe me. :D

Jen said...

No Julia, I don't put neosporin on every single site. If it looks a little "off" then I do, but not on every site. I've never had a big problem before. I don't like the thought of unnecessary antibiotics. I can't put anything under the site. I'm allergic to most of the tapes like IV3000 that are used for that kind of thing.
I like the delicate flower idea. I don't think they will believe me either.

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art-sweet said...

Hey Jen,

To do links. Got to the edit html tab in blogger. Use this template:

Text that you want people to click on goes here

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good luck with your site woes - this is one of the things I worry about with starting to pump soon!


Jen said...

No, I'm sorry art-sweet, it doesn't. I am so hopelessly devoid of knowledge, that even after you explained it, I'm lost. I went to the "edit html" part, and I clicked on the isert link button, put in the URL, and it shows up, but it turns invisible when I publish it. Can you pretend I'm in preschool, and explain it to me again?