Wednesday, April 19, 2006

eenie meenie miny moe

I am sitting here. Debating.
I tried a thigh site Monday. It was...OK. But I did try it. I hurt at first, then was OK. Then it started to hurt again last night. At dinner, it burned. Badly. So, I gave it and pulled it out. I bled a tiny bit, but not much. Now, I am not connected to anything. I don't want to put in a site. I don't want to take a shot. Not doing either is not an option. So? What do I do?
The decision and a lot of other things coming soon. It's been a wild ride lately.


Kerri. said...

What did you decide to do, Jen? I'm worried about you and I need some confirmation that you're okay!

J said...

It is nice to feel FREE sometimes from attached to something or even thinking of a shot but the thought as we all know can not last long .. I feel you debate are you ok ?