Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Grrrr. A Rant about insurance

Well, our insurance issues are not over. A short time ago, we thought we had the insurance issues all figured out, but we did not. Now, insurance is refusing to pay for ANYTHING until everything is straightened out. No insulin, no test strips, nothing. I am on my last bottle of test strips right now because the pharmacy refused to fill the full number last time, claiming insurance refused to pay for more. (We checked, they didn't decline) So I am on pins and needles waiting to hear. Everyone we talk to says they know other people have been in our situation, but no one knows how to fix it. We were trying to do the honest, right thing, and it is now getting us screwed over. I HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES!!! Apparently they would rather have to go the ER (which they will pay for) than pay for my test strips and insulin that prevents me from going there. Grrrrrr.
*Update* I think we have a temporary solution for now. We might have to pay for the prescription up front (ouch!) but insurance #1 will reimburse us 80%. So I will be able to get supplies. Hopefully. I am going this afternoon to try it. Meanwhile, person at insurance company #1 is talking to #2 and hopefully it will get straightened out. Thanks so much for the generous offer of supplies. It looks I will be able to get through, even if it will be expensive.


Anonymous said...

Drop me a line at, something can be arranged.

julia said...

What kind of strips do you use? Maybe I can help with an extra bottle or two.

Is there an ombusdman at your insurance company or at your work? Who's carrying the insurance?

This sucks. I went thru this a couple of years ago and it is, indeed, a big, fat headache.

Jen said...

Julia and Felix,
Thanks so much for the offers. I know I can probably get strips(and insulin)from my endo if it comes to that. The insurance is through my Dad. We farm, and it is through a co-op of farmers. We are talking to the woman there to try and get it straightened out, but she is getting as frustrated as we are.

J said...

I thought a law was passed back in 1999 about how all diabetic test strips are free of charge of something ? I could have swarn I read that was a dreaming? let me know too I might be able to send you something do you use humalog might have an extra bottle ? crossing fingers for you

Jen said...

I now have 3 very full, cold bottles of Humalog insulin sitting in my fridge. 250 wonderful little black and white Freestyle strips are on there way tomorrow. Whew! That scare has passed. Now we have another month to figure out this insurance mess. I don't know if the woman was just threatening to cut off my coverage or if it just didn't go through.
J, I have no idea. I'm pretty sure they charge for test strips. I don't think they put that $80/box price tag on there for no reason.

Felix Kasza said...

Glad this seems to be working out, Jen. If there are additional snags, let me know a few days ahead of time, and I'd be happy to "pay forward" the favours I have received from others ....


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I'm new to your blog. Got to get me a diabetes related blogger ID.
I developed diabetes after organ transplantation two years ago. I use the same strips as you. Like Julia, I would be willing to send you a bottle or two or strips if you get in a pinch.
I use Novolog fast acting and just today started Levimir (replacing the Innolet NPH). I'm going to read more of your posting archives. Be well!