Sunday, October 01, 2006

Two Questions

I have two new requests for the OC. One is a serious one, the other is not.
My new blue pump remains nameless. Anyone have any suggestions for him(or her?)?

I have developed a nice, itchy reaction to my quicksets. Every site itches while it is on, and when I take it off there is a series of red, raised bumps where the site was. What can I do about it? Now before you answer this, keep in mind I have the same reaction for IV3000 and Tegaderm. Does anyone know of any other products? This is a recurring problem. I get these rashes for a few months, and then they go away. But then have never been this bad before. This goes to show that even after 7ish years pumping, I still do not know everything. I'm still learning!
Any and All suggestions welcome!

I screwed my pump last night, at about 2am. I was really high, and really angry and sick of dealing with all the crap, so I gave a shot of Levemir, and pulled out the pump site. I've been on shots since then. I called MM to see if they had any suggestions, and they were shockingly helpful. (I have had some horrible Minimed experiences) They are overnighting me some different tape samples, and some sets in case the ones I have are defective. The Minimed I knew NEVER volunteered that it might be there fault! I'm shocked! I still appreciate any suggestions you guys have!


Felix Kasza said...

Want to try Flexsite? If yes, send me an address (PO box, friend, workplace, whatever) where to send a sample.

You could also try ADR thinsets -- they use the Quickset inserter, but are not made by Unomedical (as far as I know), so there is a good chance you wouldn't get Hypafix tape.


Felix Kasza said...

Colour me stupid:

felixk -@-

Oh, and you may want to wait with naming the pump until it has shown an inclination to survive a while. :-)


Jen said...

Thanks for the kind offer. Could you tell me a little bit more about Flexsite? Maybe a website?

Megan said...

I find just wiping with IV Prep Wipe before putting a set in helps for me.

Megan said...

Also, try the Cleos. They seem to be more hypoallergenic to me.

karondaray said...

I think your BLUE pump should be NAMED ........drum roll please.......COOKIE MONSTER!!!!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

You know that there are also different varieties of Tegaderm? I used them many years ago and had a reaction around the edges of the regular tegaderm. I tried something called Tegaderm HP, and did not experience any reactions.

In fact, I might still have some, and would be willing to send you some. I'd have to see if I can track them down. E-mail me if you want me to check into it. My e-mail is available on my blogger profile.

Felix Kasza said...

Hi Jen,

Flexsite is the slang name for Opsite Flexifix, the big brother to Opsite and IV3000 (but, different formulation, different glue). It's a transparent film, easy to apply, comes in rolls or pre-cut little sheets whose sizes are of no use to man or beast. A roll of the stuff (10.9yd*4in) is only a few $$. More info at


MileMasterSarah said...

I've used quick sets for so long, I can barely remember what it was like when I had to use tape! I do remember I had horrible reactions to pretty much all tapes but that tegaderm hp that scott mentioned. I used that stuff too!