Thursday, December 06, 2007

15 days

In 15 days, I turn 21.
I am quite excited about this. I am generally a rule follower, and I have not had any drinks before now. A sip here and there, yes, but other than that, I am not a drinker. That will not change much when I turn 21, but it will change somewhat. I want to be able to order a drink when I go out with friends. Maybe get a little tipsy once. I've seen plenty of stupid drunk people (I am in college after all) and I am not interested in being one of them. I'm being honest here- I am going to drink. I am not going to be stupid. All of my friends know I am diabetic, and almost all of them know how to take care of me.

In keeping with the not being stupid theme, I want to know how the OC handles alcohol. How do you bolus? How does it usually affect you? Any other drinking tips? (Now isn't THAT a strange sentence!)

I am not going to let diabetes take away a drink or two. I'd appreciate any tips anyone has. If for some reason you don't want to post as a comment, feel free to email me at Thanks in advance!


Chris said...

Well, Happy early birthday. I may not be the best in giving my opinion on drinking, considering I have not touched a drink in about 12 years (I'm 34) but from what I know about diabetes and drinking is that alcohol usually drops your blood sugar. So bolusing for the sake of alcohol would not be a good idea. It also depends on what you are drinking. the fruity and sweet drinks are not this way but the good old beer will drop that blood sugar. So have fun but be careful.

Claire said...

Alcohol drops blood sugar. In my case, a lot. So I don't bolus for a fruity girly drink, and when drinking with dinner, I always take less.

Err on the high side, when in doubt...

mel said...

A bottle of beer will raise my blood sugar... I don't like Bud or bud light or any light beer really, so I think each bottle would be around 15 grams of carbs.. I would bolus for a beer.

Wine coolers like the barles and jaymes strawberry daiquiri have close to 40g of carbs!! That I will bolus for. BUT, I think the trick is to not over bolus and to always be sure to eat when you drink, because while your liver is processing the alcohol, it won't be concentrating on glucagon and blood sugar levels, so in the long run, there will be a drop in blood sugar.

I don't bolus for drinks like rum and diet coke... as long as it's diet coke. Anything with any regular sugar soda, I bolus for, but only a little, because there usually isn't too much.

I would agree with claire, to err on the side of running a little high, but if you know that your drink has a good amt of sugar, the High blood sugar is gonna suck, so take a little insulin--just don't expect to be 90-110... aim for 150-175

This is, in no way, expert advice :)

George said...

I just posted on dLife about this subject.

I too go LOW when I drink so I would just test lots. I try to go to bed a little high because it takes so long for the dropping of my BG to stop that I usually wake up in the middle of the night with a terrible low.

Happy Early B-Day!