Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Summer plans

I just got an email that I got one of the externships I applied for. This should be a good thing. Competition for these positions is quite steep, so I was lucky to get one.
The thing is- I don't want it. It is my last summer of college, and I want to enjoy my time. I have to decide what is more important in the long run, the experience and the money, or enjoying my last summer at home and doing things I really want to do like volunteering at my diabetes camp.
Becoming an adult sucks.

Edit: Thanks for the congratulations. I decided not to take it. I talked to someone who had it last year who said he was tired and stressed most of the time, but it was a great experience. I really do not need more time spent tired and stressed. I do that enough during the school year.


Scott K. Johnson said...

That's a tough decision. Either way - congrats on getting it!

Chris said...

Congrats on the acceptance but I don't envy you at all. That is a tough decision. Whatever you decide, make the best of it.