Sunday, April 13, 2008


I remember when I was a camper, at every meal, someone would get up and say, “Are there any announcements for the good of the camp?” Everyone would break out into song(I DID say it was camp!) Announcements, Announcements, ANNNNNNNOUNCMENTS! Pile ‘em in a corner, pile ‘em in a corner, pile ‘em in a corner and we’ll watch the flowers grow... I’ll stop there for everyone's sanity. The campers LOVED this song, especially when the person with the mic didn’t mean to say it. Once the singing was done, counselors would stand on their chair and scream to the rest of the camp what accomplishment their camper had made. “Scott gave himself his shot for the first time today!” “Sarah joined the belly shooters club!” Things like that. The camper would stand up on their chair, be filled with embarrassment and pride as the whole camp clapped and cheered for YOU. I had 2 announcements made about me during my time as a camper. (And a few more as a counselor, campers LOVE standing up and making announcements about their counselor, so I tried to give them chances) The first announcement made about me was when I did my own injection for the first time my first year at camp. I remember that day very clearly. I was SO proud of myself. This whole long story is to try to explain to you why I am so excited, and slightly sad, to be making the following announcement: (I can’t hear you singing!)


Yes, it’s true. After many, many years of using Quick-sets, I finally did one without the blue bubble. And it went great. Now, are there any other announcements for the good of the DOC? :-)


Colleen said...

Go stand on a chair and imagine all of us cheering for you!

Luis said...


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Jeff said...

Hi Jen. Way to go!! I don't own an inserter of any kind. When I started using Silhouettes years ago, the rep didn't have an inserter for them, so I had to "go it alone."

That's what I've been doing ever since, and I like the fact that it takes one more piece of equipment out of the site-change picture.

~Suzanne~ said...

Hahaha! I recently blogged about using an INSERTER for the first time!! Wow, it was scary, but it is greatly simplified my life!

Congratulations!!! Yay!! Whoowooo! =:~)