Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I broke it!

I don't know how, but I broke another pump. This time it was the cap that goes over the cartridge. The cap is sitting at an angle, and I no longer trust it to deliver properly. The Cozmo people are sending me a new cap overnight along with a spare. I was suppose to already have one, and I must have placed it in a VERY safe place. But since it didn't break until late Wednesday night, I won't be getting my new pump until some time today. That means a call to the endo for some Lantus pens and shots for a day and a half. And then after I took the shot of Lantus, I remembered I had my old Minimed 508 stashed in the closet. I took it out and put the batteries in it. It still works! I'm putting it on to take boluses and then have the Lantus for basal. It is making me appreciate all the features my Cozmo has. The Minimed pump does two things: delivers basal and delivers a bolus when you tell it how much insulin to give. Simple, but it does the job. When my new pump gets here, I'll be happy to take the batteries out of the dinosaur pump and re-retire it. And maybe I should stop dropping my pumps so often. :-)


Jeff said...

Jen -- Nothing puts more fear into my heart than when I drop my pump. So far, knock on wood, the survival rate has been 100%. It doesn't happen often, thankfully, and most of the time I'm quick enough to grab the tubing and limit the catastrophe to a mere "bungee jump" before it hits the floor.

Minnie said...

I loved this post. I was wondering earlier today whether I was the only diabetic out there who drops their pump too much. I'm afraid Minimed is going to black list me and void my warranty! Thanks for the laugh!