Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alternate answer

This was a question that came up on a practice exam for one of my classes.

A type one diabetic is prescribed to take Regular and NPH before breakfast. The client give insulin at 6am before breakfast. The nurse should teach the client to:
A. Avoid snacks between breakfast and lunch
B. Delay dinner until after 6pm
C. Eat a low carbohydrate lunch at noon
D. Have a snack at 3pm

So what do you think the correct answer was?

I have to give them a little credit for saying a type one diabetic, and then following it with a question about insulin, but couldn't they have picked any of the insulins created in the last 10 years? One that doesn't promote a strict diet and schedule? I would like to add an alternative answer

E. Consult their endocrinologist for a prescription for Novolog and Lantus.


Christine-Megan said...

The answer is D. I see these types of questions a lot.

Sadly, NPH and R are still somewhat commonly used.

Hey- are you taking the NCLEX soon? I can't remember if you're graduating. I'm in the process of filing a doctor's letter with the state to see if I can be "approved" to bring my pump, meter, and sugar to the exam with me. Good lord.

Sara said...

Why do none of those answers make sense to me. At best I was going to guess C. Although, when I was on Humalog and NPH, I would need a bunch of carbs at lunch not to go low. :|

Val said...

F - Consult their endocrinologist for an insulin pump.... : )

Jen said...

Christine is correct- the answer is D.

I've got another year before I take my NCLEX, but we take the ATI assessments after every clinical rotation. They are supposed to be quite similar to NCLEX.

I knew it wasn't B because most things in medicine(on ADA recommendations) are still high carb. But I was thrown at first because my NPH peak was at lunch, and I would need more insulin in the afternoon for a snack.

Regge said...

LOL! I was thinking the same thing. Last time I used R and NPH was sometime in the 90s??

Virtue said...

oh, i remember the 3pm snacks... but i your answer E is probably a little more 21st century ;)

Louiesa Owens said...


Thanks for the question, answer is D. And yes NPH and R still use today. Sad I think.