Saturday, January 28, 2006

I heard of a new diagnosis today.
My mom is on the Children With Diabetes parents list, and Laura's daughter's friends roommate was just diagnosed. I can't imagine being diagnosed at my age. I've lived with it for 17 years. I am emailing her, but I'm not quite sure to say. I'm sure she must be in shock. Is there anyone out there in the OC that was diagnosed as a teen or around that age that could give me some insight? If someone had told you one or two things when you were diagnosed, what would have wanted to hear? I appreciate any help I can get! Thanks to all the OC bloggers out there! (I know you are reading, I have a stats counter now. muahahahaha! lol)

*edit* I really appreciate any input I can get. If you can remember your diagnosis at all, please help me out! Thanks!


bethany said...

I was diagnosed when I was in 10th grade ... does that help?

Jen said...

Sure! Could you tell me what you thought when you were diagnosed? What you thought your life was going to be like? Anything you remember about how you felt would be great!

Sandra Miller said...

Hi Jen,

First off, a much-belated welcome to the OC!

I've been way behind in visiting some of the folks who've commented on my site (sorry), but I'm so glad I've finally made it here (btw, thanks for the kind words you left over at my blog).

Anyhow, I'm really not a good resource for this query-- except to say that it's wonderful that you want to reach out to this girl. I do know that, for my son, meeting others soon after diagnosis who were his age and dealing with the same struggles -- just knowing that he was not alone in this -- was huge.

Good luck!

Oh, and Jen, what you're doing here is by no means "feeble." Your entries are honest, and very well done. I had yet to read a diagnosis story written by someone who'd become diabetic so young. Thank you so much for sharing yours.

Wow, this is becoming "post" size, isn't it?

Take care, and please keep writing.


p.s. I'm adding a link to your site this afternoon.