Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Every night, before I collapse into bed, I make sure I have 3 things within my reach. My meter, a water bottle, and some sort of food. Last night, I was so tired, I didn't go through my usual routine, and I left my meter lying on my desk. I swear, my diabetes KNOWS I forgot to grab it. So, of course, I went low last night. I woke up confused, sweating and HOT. I reach for my meter. It's not there. I wake up enough to realize it's still sitting on my desk. I am now really annoyed with myself. Granted, my desk is about 5 steps from my bed, but still! I have to jump down from my bed (it's kind of bunked on top of my dresser. It's about 3.5 feet off the ground), and try not to trip over the stuff on the floor. I check myself.63. Not a bad low, but enough to make me want to eat, eat, eat. I first open my tiny dorm fridge and grab a juice box. Not the usual Arthur Juicy Juice (since no one seems to carry them anymore), but apple juice none the less. Then I eat a fruit snack. Then a granola bar. I know I've over done it, but I don't care. The sound of the wrappers cause my roommate to roll over, but not enough to wake her up. I take confidence in the fact that if I needed her, all I would have to do was say her name, and she would be ready to help me. After restraining myself from eating another granola bar,and wait for my pump to beep it's friendly, "Check your blood glucose. Your last blood glucose was low." I love that! I no longer have to remember what time I last checked myself, and watch the minutes tick by on the clock. When it beeps, I check again. 108. I'm happy with that, although it's a little high of a jump. Now I start the debate with myself on how much to bolus. I know I need extra insulin, but insulin also make me go lower. I do not want to end up with another low. I decide to bolus for 40 grams over 15 minutes. I decided fairly well. This morning I woke up at 181. Not bad for a food fest at 2am. Morale of the story? The one night I forget my meter, I will go low! It almost never fails! Is it irrational? Yes. But yet it seems strangely true.....
PS Thanks to everyone for all your comments. I'll reply to you sooner or later. I was blown away by all the support! I also appreciate all the responses on my medic alert symbol. I needed it for a paper I was writing.


Kassie said...

WHAT? you got us to do your homework?

You are tricky, young padawan (sorry, it's been ALL STAR WARS ALL THE TIME at my house of late).

Jen said...

NO, of course I didn't have you do my homework! (Slight bit of sarcasim) If I couldn't find out what the name of it was, it would have just stayed "medic alert symbol."

Kassie said...

I was just teasing ;)

Rod of Asclepius and Star of Life sound way better, don't you think?