Sunday, January 08, 2006

Not a good D week.

This week has not been the best for me, diabetes care wise.
~ Tuesday afternoon/night I was in the ER for horrible stomach pain and nausea. Actually, my numbers stayed pretty good. I had massive ketones most of the day, due to not eating. The ER doctors were all very concerned about my "wildly swinging blood sugars." My range that day was from 85 to 202. I was pretty proud of that! Another doctor told me that I should really watch my numbers, because my blood sugar was up to 160 when they checked it. I smiled, nodded, and ignored that part of their advice.
~ Last night, for the first time in my memory, I had a "HI" blood sugar. All I know is that I was over 500. This was a new experience for me. I was 366 earlier, but I thought that was from a poorly chosen temp basal and a cookie. I took an injection, not really having any idea how much to take. I ended up taking 10 units, which if none of my earlier correction had gotten in and I was only 500, not higher would bring me to 200. I when down to 430 before I went to bed, and I was up every hour after that checking. I slowly came down to 78 when I woke up.
~ Due to poor planning, a string of bad sites, and the holidays, I am running out of sites. This is not a place I want to be. I am now out of my usual quick-sets, and I will have to use some left over Insets. I do not like the Insets. I realize I am in the minority, but they just are as comfortable to me as the quicksets are. I have 6 of those left. That SHOULD last me 18 days, but I haven't had very good luck with sites lately. My supplies are supposed to be here Wednesday or so, so I should be OK. I hate the thought of going back on shots, even if for only a few days. No matter how much Lantus I take, I always end up in 400's. I know if I was on it for a few days it would get better, but that first day or so would not be fun.
Now I'm going to send this rambling post off into cyberspace where no one will read it, and I will get back to work on my nursing application essay.

PS. Blogger's spell check makes me laugh. It can't handle diabetes terms. It wanted to turn "quicksets" into suicide. Hmmmmmm...... not sure how the two connect.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

heh, that "wildly swinging blood sugars" made me chuckle. Those knuckleheads don't know a thing. 85 to 202 is pretty damn good all things considered.