Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Today is my debut in the D-blogging world. Welcome to all my new readers. I hope you like it! It's really not much, just somewhere to vent. And now I need to ask a question of everyone who ventures over here from Six Until Me. (Thanks Kerri for giving the courage to "go public") Does anyone know what the technical term for the medical alert symbol is??

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me, and welcome to my blog!


Kassie said...

I thougth that the 'snake' part of the symbol is called a cadeceus. You piqued my curiosity about how it became asssociated with medicine! So I googled it, and read this:

That lead me to

which lead me to

which tells us that the "Star of Life" was created in 1973 by Leo R. Schwartz, Chief of the EMS Branch at the NHTSA (yes, the National Highway and Transporation Safety Administration. go figure.)

I heart Google.

Felix Kasza said...

... and here is another new reader (and pumper). I am so happy to find that I am not a freak -- that there is someone else who prefers Quicksets over Insets!

Have you tried Thinsets yet? Quickserter-compatible, a mite cheaper than Quicksets, glue not quite as good, disconnect mechanism a bit awkward, but still a usable 90-degree set; and they _are_ thinner than Quicksets. I thought I'd mention them since you spoke of hiding your sites. If you have a PO box or some other address you can divulge, I can mail you a couple or three, to try.

Please keep blogging -- because I would like to keep reading. Thanks!

felixk at

Allison said...

Yo, it's Allison, the unofficially declared Dictator of the O.C. Welcome to the Club! I'm glad you have de-lurked yourself and I will now add you to the O.C. with the handful of other blogs that I need to update.

I believe you have posted at my blog before, and I just want to say I'm glad to see another College Student with the D because it's very lonely in the Great Halls of University Life.

Kerri. said...

Growing up, I thought that symbol was the Official Symbol for Diabetes.

Upon realizing it wasn't, I have found that it is "the traditional sign of Aesculapius who features in the original Hippocratic Oath and was the Greek God of Medicine."

Thanks, Google. I Heart You, as well.

d double e said...

How come you all beat me to the punch on this?

Too many overachievers around here...

Oh, wait, is this on?

Thanks for the great blog and your honest thoughts...


Ellen said...

So happy to read your blog Jen. My son will be a Freshman in college starting in June 2006, so I'm especially happy to read your perspective.

Z uses the UltraFlex infusion sets with his Cozmo. No device avaiable for insertion.

type1emt said...

Hi Jen,
Cool blog. I'm also wanting to get a supply of Insets- got two samples and LOVED them. Sils are so old school.