Thursday, January 12, 2006


Last night, I had to do a site change. I am out of quick-sets, so I had to use a Inset. I got the Insets about a year ago because everyone that I talked to that used them loved them. Plus, who can ignore a new diabetes product? Not me! Oh! And it comes in fun colors! I mean, who could resist these things? It took about 2 sets for me to realize that I HATED them. The inseter is HUGE and I found it hard to get a good grip on the buttons, which are really indentations, to insert the stupid thing. Then after it is inserted, I felt like I was going to pull the whole thing out when I pulled the inserter off. And despite what the site claims, it is not easy to disconnect and reconnect. It physically hurts each time I have to disconnect! Not cool! I'll take my quick-sets thank you! I am looking forward to see how the new cleo sets turn out I like the idea of a slower insertion, which the cleo sets offer. We shall see! Until next time....

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