Monday, February 06, 2006

Here it comes....

The flu has been going around my dorm.
I haven't been feeling the greatest, mostly I've been really tired.
Now I have a headache and a low grade fever.
The good news: My blood sugar is 166.
The bad news: That basal check I did this morning is now void and useless. UGH!


Ellen said...

Please stay hydrated and check for ketones (which you can have even if your bg is low). Hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery.

Andrea said...


It sucks being sick, doesn't it? Maybe it's just a one day bug type of thing...and not the flu. Whatever the case, try and get enough rest and take care of yourself.

As for the basal test, what a pain that you have to repeat it again. That's the sort of thing that happens to me too **rolling eyes***. Guess it gives you something to look forward to (NOT).

Feel better soon! :)