Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sorry to everyone about my last couple of negative posts.
I am just really frustrated right now. I am seriously considering taking a pump break, but I don't know how. I have an endocrinologist appointment in a couple of weeks, and I think I'll ask about it then. Has anyone done think kind of pump break? I'm thinking about doing lantus with a humalog pen. I'm not sure how long. It will probably take me a week or so, and I'll be sick of it. But after 6 years on the pump, I think that maybe a pump break is a good idea.
In other news, my numbers have been HORRIBLE. My average from the past 2 days is 244. That doesn't include today where I've been 234, 137 (wohoo!),273 (I knew it wouldn't last),249, 215, 348 and 361 (site change time!).
Things to look forward to this week: Getting to sleep in for 2 hours on Wednesday, thursday- meeting with a friend from diabetes camp, and saturday: Winter Fantasia (college prom). I am going to focus on these thing this week, and maybe I'll make it!

PS I promise this negative streak won't last forever!


Andrea said...

Awww, Jen...

I'm very sorry that things are going so rough for you right now, Diabetes wise. This disease just plain SUCKS at times. And there's a lot of us out there who have been in your shoes and know how it feels when we don't feel in control of this disease. I have been there, I admit, and I know what an awful feeling that is. However, for whatever reason, things have a way of working out. It takes time and patience (and a little effort), but things will get better.

In the meantime, try to be a little conscious of how you manage the disease. Test a little more, keep good logs (blood sugar and food), eat as healthfully as possible, and just generally take care of yourself. If things don't improve, you can bring these issues up @ your appt. and you will have good notes and logs to back you up. Not to mention, that those logs will be helpful to your doctor by giving him info on how to make changes to your current regimen...whether it means sticking with pumping or taking a break. You have to do what works for you :)

I wish you a lot of luck and try to hang in there :)

Shannon said...

I hope your streak doesn't last forever, but don't apologize for it.

This is your blog and you can cry if you want to :)

I hope the endo can help you come up with something that works for you whether it's a total break from the pump or another approach to still using the pump.

Good luck!

julia said...

Jen - there's some great information on the children with diabetes website about going untethered. A lot of people on the CWD mailing list have done it, with good success. Check out their website and get some information on it. I've found that the better prepared I am with infor about what I want to do, the more willing the endo or CDE is to listen to me.

You could also joing the mailing list and ask about it on there. You'll probably get a good response.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ditto what Shannon said - don't apologise about it.

If you feel negative about it, then post how you feel - not what you think we want to hear.

If I wanted sugarcoated stuff, there's plenty out there to be found.